Baz’s Christmas Present List

Baz’s Christmas Present List

If Christmas is on your radar right now and you need to buy some pressies for some wonderful women in your life then here are a few suggestions.  In my mission to normalise conversations around Women’s Health some of these ‘gifts’ may not appear that appealing but if nothing else they’ll start off a conversation for which I have no doubt your loved ones will be eternally grateful.

In no particular order here we go.

vagina-tree-decAccording to Cosmo this is the 2016 ‘Hottest Christmas Tree Trend’ – Vaginaments, or Vagina based ornaments. To be honest they seem to be sold out, so a pretty lame item to start with…but I just love the concept and wanted to use the word Vaginaments!




squeezy_logoThis is available – the pelvic floor app.   Why not pop a £3 iTunes voucher in all the women’s stockings or crackers and get them to download it then and there.  Remember this is what we do for life, twice a day for life – including Christmas day.

cr0291w-gg-4-copyCrewroom Leggings – Without doubt the most comfortable leggings you will ever wear.  Better than all other brands and believe me I’ve tested them.  They have the biggest, most comfortable waistband which does not shift a jot, and keep everything feeling very warm and secure.

They’re also genuinely Award Winning with Women’s Running Magazine giving it a Gold Award this year.


headspaceHead Space App – if you’re feeling really tight then you can sign them up for a 10 day free trial but you can also ‘gift’ them a subscription (which is about £11 per month and there are always offers on).

I’ve done the 10 day trial and have now signed up – I know this is something that is always the first thing to come off the list whenever I’m busy but I really am benefitting from it.

Here are two books I’d recommend cover-jpg-rendition-460-707Letters to my Fanny –Cherie Healey writes love letters to her body.   I’m reading this at the moment –a very light 517ed7ek-l-_sx309_bo1204203200_hearted, honest betrayal of all things female well worth a read.I love the fact that it’s bringing all the taboo subjects into the open and ‘normalising’ women’s bodies and behaviour.

Eat Sweat Play – Recommended by a good friend of mine with two young daughters who love sport.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in the barriers that exist for females in sport and how we can overcome them


imagesA ticket to Women of the World – one of my favourite nights out of the year.  Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, so I am ahead of the game (you can get tickets from December 13th and the event is March 7th-12th).

It is a celebration of all things female and I absolutely love it. Here’s a clip from Caitlin Moran’s session last year.

I will 100% be going to the gala evening on the Sunday which is hosted by Sandi Tsoksvig – and inviting all my favourite females along.

imagesFour Wheel Driving Experience – just because that’s what my sister bought me last year and I’ve just been and absolutely loved it.  It was a fantastic thing for us to do together. Nothing to do with vagina’s or pelvic floors, but lots to do with ‘time for me’ and feeling awesome.


Baz MoffatA session with me – I’ve got a busy year of workshops, courses and 1.2.1’s planned for 2017 and so please do contact me if you’d like to purchase a voucher for one of these. Prices start at £30 for a workshop.




Happy Shopping

Baz x

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