Baz’s Story

My Story

Hello, I’m Baz – a straight talking Yorkshire girl.

As a Mum of two young boys, a women’s health and fitness coach, and co-founder of The Well, I know what it’s like to live the continual balancing act of being Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Business Owner, Friend and Me. I rarely get it right but know that it’s impossible to approach anything near optimum without taking care of myself and listening to my body.  This is where I start with all my clients – my aim is to help create space and put them at the front and centre of the work that we do together.



I have always loved sport but my doggedness has way outstripped natural talent.  At four years of age, six life guards were on red alert watching me swim a length; having begun rowing at age 22, I just made the last spot in the GB Women’s 8+ and went on to win a Bronze Medal at the 2007 World Championships.  I have always believed in myself and my body and never stopped, regardless of what others said.  This self-belief and self-acceptance is a key part of my work with clients. To be a strong woman you have to believe in yourself.

Baz Moffat





A love of all things health and sport-related took me on to Birmingham University where (through hard graft!) I got a first class Bachelors in Sports Science and then a Masters at Bristol University.  At Bristol I became fascinated in the psychology of health-related behaviour change i.e. how can you get people to do something consistently that they fundamentally don’t want to do even though they know it’s good for them?!  I use a lot of this in my work, getting people to do their pelvic floor exercises every day.  I continue to study and learn and hunt out wise sources of information for inspiration.



The catalyst that has made Strong to the Core a reality was the birth of my two boys – Wow! Both births were so different with the first leaving me angry, confused and questioning my body and the second a beautiful, empowering, strengthening experience which gave me the confidence to do what I want to do. It has been the best thing that’s happened to me and brought into sharp focus the importance of connecting with and listening to my body as opposed to simply using it as a tool.

I absolutely love my job and feel strongly that every woman needs to know about what I do and more about their bodies.  I would love to help you start connecting with your pelvic floor and core again so that you can go on to be a strong woman on the inside and out.


For those of you keen to know that I’m qualified, here’s what I’ve done:

  • BSc Sports Science (First Class Honours), University of Birmingham
  • MSc Health and Exercise Science, University of Bristol
  • Personal Training Qualification – Premiere Global, Level 3
  • Holistic Core Restore Master Trainer – Burrell Education
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise Trainer – Burrell Education (The best qualification around!)