Calling all Women – I need to Introduce you to Someone

Calling all Women – I need to Introduce you to Someone

At a recent workshop I asked who had heard of Women’s Health Physios, silence! Out of 20 women nobody knew what I was talking about.  If you’re a woman, you need to know this….

Women’s Health Physios are amazing and if you don’t need to see one right now, you’ll certainly know someone who does and will most likely need to go yourself at some point.  So I am taking this opportunity to step up onto the soap box and tell you all about the wonderful work that they do.

They are highly trained, intelligent and compassionate women who assess and treat pelvic dysfunction.  At a Pelvic Floor Party I went to ( it was brilliant, champagne and nibbles included!) I heard that women wait on average 10 years before seeking help – and that’s only when the GP is female, old enough, seems interested and asks the right question!  This is appalling – women are in pain, recovering from traumatic births years later, weeing themselves, unable to control their bladder or bowel, having painful sex or no sex as if it’s OK and there’s nothing that can be done.  Well guess what a lot can be done and if this is you make an appointment!

And if you’ve recently had a baby (regardless of how it was delivered) and want another or aim to return to an active life, make an appointment.  I went along after my first baby purely by chance.  I thought it would be interesting and if I’m honest assumed I’d be totally fine.  So I was really pleased when I scored almost 1 out of 5 thinking it must be a reverse scale – but no I was at the bottom of the scale and to be honest pretty much a zero.  I couldn’t believe it, I was strong and healthy but the scan showed I could barely activate my pelvic floor let alone lift it.  My Pelvic Floor was in a bit of a state and needed specific exercises to heal – I was also told not to even think about running for 5 months.

I imagine that most of you are thinking well that all sounds well and good but how on earth am I going to find the time and how much will it cost –in short you need to make the time and find the money (it will cost around £90 for an initial appointment and £70ish for follow ups)!  We spend hundreds on servicing our cars each year and they only push air out of their exhaust.  You only have one pelvic floor and you need to take good care of it – it is amazing what changes you can make to your body with the right expertise.

Next Steps

  • Go to your GP for a referral if you’re concerned in anyway – Women’s Health Physios do exist on the NHS but as with everything they’re super busy so you may have to wait.
  • Book a private one – there are plenty and I’d suggest using the Mummy MOT website as they’re all trained and connected with fitness coaches like me who have done the ground breaking training to be Holistic Core Restore Coaches
  • If you’re in South West London go to the White Hart Clinic in Barnes – I work with the team here very closely and they are tremendous


To end with here’s a wonderful Women’s Health Physio who is also a comedian that I saw at the Edinburgh Fringe this year – Elaine Miller of Gussie Grips Fame


The mantra I work with at Strong to the Core is no-nonsense supportive, I think there’s plenty of the former in this blog and hopefully enough of the latter to prompt you into action.

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