How did you get away with it?

How did you get away with it?
This is the question I was asked a lot before, during and after my swimming holiday.  I was essentially being asked how could a Mother / Wife take 5 days off just for herself?  I replied with a deep inhale and a considered response each time.  But what I really wanted to say was:

  • It’s not the 1950’s my husband is perfectly capable of looking after himself and the children for 5 days.  Nobody bats an eyelid when other halves go off on skiing or golfing trips.  Why is it an issue when it’s the Woman?
  • I earn my own money and even if I didn’t why on earth can’t I go and do something that I love?  It’s good for everyone, for me to have a break.
  • I booked and paid for that trip in full 8 months before going – it cost a lot which meant that it kept me fully focused for 8 months. With this came balance, health and fitness.

This trip was awesome I loved it.  The swimming was the best I’ve ever done but I also loved just having me to organise, someone telling me where I needed to be and when and someone cooking for me.
I don’t feel guilty about going and I’m planning 2018’s break now for sure.

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