Is it OK to do your Pelvic Floor Exercises when you Pee?

Is it OK to do your Pelvic Floor Exercises when you Pee?

This question came up with all three groups that I presented to at the weekend. The groups wanted to know is it OK to stop yourself from peeing as a pelvic floor exercise?  And in summary the answer is no!  Here’s why….

It messes with the feedback mechanism – by stopping yourself from peeing you’re sending a message to your brain that you’re done.  This is confusing, as you’re not done. So if you regularly do your Kegels on the toilet then the relationship between bladder, brain and pelvic floor can get dysfunctional.

Sitting is not an optimal position in which to train Pelvic Floor to start with.  Anyone who has worked with me knows that I get you off the floor and into standing and movement as quickly as possible.  However at the start lying on your back is a great place to really feel what the pelvic floor is doing – not sitting on a toilet! 

Train Functional Control – that is let the pelvic floor relax when on the toilet and contract when lifting, jumping, sneezing or laughing.  The pelvic floor is not supposed to contract mid flow so why would you want to train it to do so?  It’s not its job.

There is a caveat to all of this which is – stopping yourself from peeing can be a useful test to do every now and again – it is useful to see if you can stop yourself from peeing mid flow and hold it for 5 seconds.  But as a one off to see where you’re at.  And if you can’t do the test then you know what you need to do….Download Squeezy and come to one of my workshops or courses, there are new dates for 2017 available.

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