Menopause 101 | Online Workshop

Menopause 101 | Online Workshop

Menopause 101 | Online Workshop

Who’s it for: Women over 35 years old and any women who want to find out more about the perimenopause and menopause.

How much: £20

When: Anytime. NB: you receive life-long access to the content.


Location: Online


My workshops are a great introduction to the work that I do and a fantastic way to learn more about your body in a relaxed and open environment.

Following the overwhelming success of our recent Menopause 101 workshop, Dr Bella Smith and I have joined forces to present an online version.

This hugely popular workshop covers what every woman needs to know about this inevitable life stage. We are absolute experts in our fields and, together, we provide the knowledge, experience and practical skills to educate and empower women about the menopause.

What we’ll cover

  • What is the menopause and what are the initial symptoms? It’s not all about hot flushes and mood swings.
  • What can you do yourself in your 40’s to help?
  • What can the experts offer, who should you talk to and when?
  • What are the most important life style changes you can make right now?
  • What can you do about stress as a busy woman?
  • How do you reduce tummy weight and improve energy and sleep with your diet?
  • The facts about HRT
  • What exercise to do in your 40’s to help with the menopause

We will let you in on the most current research on this topic so that you leave educated, knowing what the options are and empowered to take action straight away. You’ll also have lifetime access to the content.

Workshop instructors

Baz Moffat: A women’s health and fitness coach, specialising in the areas of pelvic floor, core, nutrition and women’s wellness.

Dr Bella Smith: A practising NHS GP based in Suffolk, Bella set up ‘The Digital GP’ to provide free and honest medical information to busy women juggling family and work life.