Menopause 101: What Every Woman Over 35 Needs to Know

Menopause 101: What Every Woman Over 35 Needs to Know

I recently caught up with Dr. Vivian Lord ND who is coming to present in Wandsworth next month on what every woman needs to know about the menopause – here are a few insights!

Menopause might be decades away, right around the corner, or even a thing of the past for you.  No matter where you are on this journey, you’ll benefit from knowing the essentials for support.

Traditionally, menopause is a time when women make the honorable transition into the age of wisdom.

So, why does menopause get such a bad reputation?

Mostly because of hot flashes, sleepless nights, muscle pain, mood changes, headaches, forgetfulness, and other symptoms that can completely take over your life.

Up until recently HRT has been one of the main supports available to women.  But HRT comes with risks including:

  • Blood clots
  • Breast cancer
  • Dementia
  • Stroke

What you may not know is that menopause doesn’t need to be a rough ride and there are safe and effective natural solutions.

Addressing stress and other essential areas of your health now changes everything.


The Surprising Connection Between Stress & Menopause

For your entire adult life, your ovaries make most of your sex hormones, including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

During menopause your ovaries go into retirement.  But, your body still needs a lot of sex hormones to ensure healthy bones, a strong libido, and vibrant energy and health for decades to come.

Who makes your sex hormones when your ovaries retire?

Your adrenals take over this job: the exact same gland that makes all of your stress hormones.

If your adrenals have been over-taxed because of chronic stress, they are often not up to the job and the transition can be a bumpy ride.

It’s like a baton race – normally the baton is passed onto a runner who can take it away at a nice fast pace.  But, what if the runner is tired and not able to keep up the pace?

In the case of menopause, if your adrenals are already tired when your ovaries hand them the “sex hormone making” baton, your hormone levels drop and you experience much stronger menopausal symptoms.

Taking good care of your adrenals, or stress response system, now is an essential trick to reducing your menopausal symptoms.

How Do You Know If You Need Adrenal Support?

Feeling stressed out, or having issues like anxiety or insomnia is a good sign that your adrenals are in overdrive.

 On the other hand, if you have weight gain around your belly, feel exhausted when you wake up, crave sugar or caffeine to get you through the afternoon, or have a hard time concentrating, these are all signs that your adrenals need support.

Caring for your adrenals is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for and move through the menopause smoothly AND set yourself up for lifelong vitality.

 On June 6th  and 8th you’ll have all your questions about menopause answered and learn the essentials of what you need do to now to support hormonal health.

Come join us for Menopause 101: What Every Woman Over 35 Needs to Know.  – only a few tickets left for Thursday 8th

Dr. Vivian Lord, ND is a twin mum and naturopathic physician specializing in natural approaches to women’s health and hormones. Food as medicine is the cornerstone of her practice alongside functional lab testing, nutrient therapy, herbal medicine and ongoing coaching and support to inspire changes that stick.


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