Pelvic Floor Parties

Pelvic Floor Parties

Pelvic Floor Parties

Who’s it for: All women at all life stages, interested to find out more about their pelvic floor.

How much: £200 for a group party | Host receives a £50 voucher

When: Get in touch to arrange a date, email


My Pelvic Floor Parties are a great introduction to the work that I do and a fantastic way to learn more about your body in a super fun and relaxed environment, sharing the workshop with all your friends in the comfort of your own home!

Whether you’re part of an NCT group, new mums looking for an alternative girl’s night in or you’re a group of friends approaching midlife who want to learn more about pelvic floor and how it can impact your wellbeing, this is a brilliant way to learn about your body with a bunch of buddies and a glass of bubbles!

The talk will go far beyond squeeze and lift. You’ll learn how to get the pelvic floor to do its job properly – so that you can be healthy, active and fit. A strong pelvic floor means that, for years to come, you’ve got a solid, strong and dependable body which does not let you down when you jump, laugh or sneeze!

What we’ll cover

  • What the pelvic floor is and what it should and shouldn’t do.
  • What is normal but not OK when it comes to pelvic floor.
  • The modern approach to pelvic floor exercise.
  • How to do a pelvic floor contraction.
  • Where to get help and how to talk about it.

There will be some practical coaching at the end (full on active wear is not required) so that you can leave the party knowing how to connect with your pelvic floor and co-ordinate it with the rest of your core.

How it works

The Pelvic Floor Party is ideal for a group of six to eight women. As a host, you just need to book a date with me, invite your friends over to your home and I’ll be there to take you through everything you need to know about Pelvic floor. I charge £200 which covers up to eight party goers and includes invites, and as the host, you’ll receive a voucher worth £50 which can be used against any of my classes or future workshops. Let the Pelvic Party begin!

Workshop instructors

Baz Moffat: A women’s health and fitness coach, specialising in the areas of pelvic floor, core, nutrition and women’s wellness.