A programme that goes far beyond just exercises and my belly (Hen)

Who knew everything was connected, I do now – thanks Baz. (Zoe)

The only hour of the week it felt like someone was looking after me (Sarah)



Baz is just incredible.  I dont usually write reviews but she’s totally worth it – truly inspiring! I was more than a little apprehensive about joining a group and discussing matters to do with pelvic floor among people I’d never met.  But the sessions were such good fun (seriously) as well as incredibly informative. Now none of us bat an eyelid at using the words ‘leakage’ or whether we’re ‘setting the anus’ correctly .. I could go on, but you’ll have to join a course to experience the marvel that Baz is, for yourselves 🙂    Having been a leaky runner, cougher, key-in-lock person, just 6 weeks in and the difference is palpable. I’m SO well on my way to good pelvic floor strength and am determined to keep up the focus on this, and all other areas of over “40s female wellness” (but the course isn’t just for middle-agies like me!)   Do yourself a favour, and go and learn everything you need to know about one of the most important muscles in your body – and you’ll not look back.  Thanks so much Baz – every woman needs to see you (and probably men too!). (Anonymous)

It has been the most beneficial course/ class I have done since having children, and really liked the holistic approach about it all. I have also benefited hugely from seeing LuLu, so can’t thank you enough for that recommendation. I can finally feel little bits of being “normal” again which is amazing. I even managed a run on the weekend, but did have your voice in my head saying “relax and let go” for most of the run and I managed 4.5km with no heavy feeling. I know I have ongoing work to do to keep this up but thank you so much!! (Anonymous)

Just had to let you know…. started with week 3 walk to run programme and did x7 as couldn’t remember how much I was supposed to do and NOTHING, not a dribble, came out!!!! This is the first time in 5 years I have ran without using contrelle or other devices. Am seriously excited about running again. (Anonymous)

I first met Baz at her pelvic floor workshop in October last year. I learnt so much and was so inspired by Baz and her obvious passion and knowledge. I just wish I had met her sooner! The EveryWoman course was great – the attention to detail is fabulous and it’s a very supportive environment. You will need to see a Women’s Health Physio before the course starts – don’t skip this though, it’s really valuable and means you can get the most out of the course. The exercise videos are online so it’s easy to follow them at home, and Baz is always at the end of the phone or email to answer questions.
My pelvic floor is already much stronger – I just thought it was normal to have accidents when I sneezed, and I would always get up in the night to go to the loo. It turns out that having children doesn’t mean you have to have these accidents for the rest of your life, and already I rarely have to get up in the night (finally I am ‘sleeping through’ as well!). (Anonymous)

I can’t thank you enough for such an eye opening class!! I’ve been doing my pelvic floors religiously (and correctly!!) and my approach to pelvic floors with the women I care for has completely changed for the better. Thank you Baz for teaching me to fit my own mask first. (Jess)

A realisation that it isn’t necessary to ‘put up’ with classic female post pregnancy aches and pains and sneezy peas. Putting in place with Baz a realistic wellness strategy that goes beyond just exercise and my belly! (Hen)

I came to your workshop in Yorkshire which was fabulous. I have taken so much from it – working on being kind to my pelvic floor on the loo, lifting and exercising and strengthening it.  I can most definitely say I haven’t had a healthier gut until now – it’s such a change. Thank you so much. Whether thinking so often about sucking spaghetti up my bum is normal though, I don’t know! (Claire)

I do just want to say a very big thank you for your wonderfully generous initiative for the women at St Marks. As you could see, the response said it all as to the importance and need for this advice and instruction. I know this is your passion and work, but can I say how beautifully you led the session – with honesty, humour and clarity – and giving women renewed hope that things can be addressed and changed, rather than kept hidden and stuck! (Christine)

I have done yoga, pilates and “core” work (sit-ups etc!) for years and never realised that my core included back, diaphragm and pelvic floor as well as abs. I am seeing a big difference in my yoga practice and my daily life with a toddler as I incorporate lots of what I’ve learned on this course about engaging everything properly. The course was so much more than just an exercise class – it was a challenge and an invitation to improve in all areas of my life from nutrition and relaxation to general exercise and movement – thank you! (Zoe)

Before the course my pelvic floor was very weak and I couldn’t understand how to connect my breath to my pelvic floor. I now have much more control over both. I have also found the nutrition element to the course really inspiring.  (Jo)

Having a whole hour to be peaceful and focus on my health in a really relaxed, nurturing environment, the only hour of the week it felt like someone was looking after ME! Also love meeting other lovely like-minded Mums. (Sarah)

I really thought the emphasis on relaxing as well as strengthening was both really interesting and helpful. (Rebs)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am a firm believer in empowering, educating and investing in women and I am so thankful to you for being someone who is doing just this. (Ashleigh)

Learnt so many new things despite doing pelvic floor physio in the past. Thank you! So nicely led! (Annaliese)

With compassion and knowledge, Baz created trust in just a few weeks within our group; supporting each other through frustrations and highs/lows of post pregnancy. Guiding us to reconnect with our core, to accept it takes time whilst adjusting the program to each specific need. Thanks to Baz’s Every Woman program, I know I’m doing the basics right and I feel empowered to get stronger at my own pace (Angele)

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The diastasis has improved meaningfully within 3 months after birth and as a result I feel much stronger and better equipped for lifting the kids and doing other daily activities. Whilst the pelvic floor continues to be weak, I believe I have also made some improvement there and the course has provided me with knowledge and exercises that will allow me to continue to work on improving the pelvic floor over the coming months. (Susanne)

During the course I have learnt a lot about how different elements of core work together and have gained increased awareness of my posture. I have also made substantial changes to my families diet. Thanks to Baz’ very practical advice I have found it very easy to integrate the exercises as well as eating well into my daily life. (Anonymous)

Following the intense 6 week programme under the guidance of passionate leader, Baz, I have been able to significantly reduce lumbar lordosis and minimise diastasis recti. I have learnt that there are simple, time effective solutions to regaining pelvic floor strength once again. (Anonymous)