The Cycle Dialogues | Online Workshop

The Cycle Dialogues | Online Workshop

The Cycle Dialogues | Online Workshop

Who’s it for: Any woman who wants to find out more about the menstrual cycle.

How much: £30

When: Unlimited access

Location: Online



The Cycle Dialogues is a series of recorded online workshops with Dr. Emma and me that will cover what every woman needs to know about the menstrual cycle and how it influences body, brain and behaviour. By exploring our biology and what that means for us as individuals, we hope to inspire women to tap into the powers of their cycle as well as feel confident to overcome its challenges.

What we’ll cover

Here’s what we’ll talk about in The Cycle Dialogues…

  • Session 1: Puberty and the first years of the menstrual cycle – for girls and parents, teachers and coaches of girls to understand what is happening to our biology during puberty and what effect that has on young women during their teenage years, including;
    • What’s happening in a young woman’s body particularly with their cycle
    • What a regular cycle is and why this is really important to teenage girls
    • How to talk to girls in their early years of menstruating whether you’re a parent, teacher or coach
    • What support doctors can offer if you are worried
    • The latest on all the new period products
    • Diet and lifestyle tips for good hormonal health.
  • Session 2: Mastering your menstrual cycle – for women who want to understand more about what the cycle is and how it’s biology links to our individual physical and emotional experience of it, including;
    • What is a normal period
    • The impact your cycle has on your body composition, injury risk and immune function
    • How to know if you have a healthy cycle if you’re on the pill
    • Contrapceptive that are best for you
    • Tapping into the power of your cycle
    • Strategies to manage cycle symptoms
  • Session 3: Your ever-changing cycle – for women coming off or going on to hormonal contraception, who experience post-natal changes in their cycle, or have seen their cycle change over time, including;
    • The cycle and fertility
    • Basic biology and hormonal fluctuations throughout your cycle#
    • Current research on contraception and how you can monitor your cycle
    • Menstrual tracking apps..the good and the bad!
    • Why your cycle can change after having kids and how to manage these symptoms.
    • The low down on all the new period products out there and whether Menstrual Cups give you a prolapse!

Workshop instructors

Baz Moffat: A women’s health and fitness coach, specialising in the areas of pelvic floor, core, nutrition and women’s wellness.

Dr Emma Ross (PhD): spent a decade working in Olympic and Paralympic sport, developing a world-leading campaign to optimise female athlete health and performance. Now she is passionate about improving body literacy in all women.