The Motivational Quote I return back to over and over…


This quote will be plastered in every rowing club right now as they return back to training, excited by what the season has in store. I’m out of this world now but still return to this quote when I hear myself saying ‘I’ll start next month’ or ‘I’ll ask so and so on Monday to help with that’.

It’s so easy for me to write myself and the day, week, month or term off and wait until tomorrow, next week, month or year to get started.  So here are some thoughts I’ve had recently on how to stay on it and not wait for the good times to get started.

Let’s start with the ‘if not now when…’ – here’s a question at what point in your day, week or term do you write it off as a bad one?  If you have cocoa pops instead of eggs and spinach for breakfast?  If it’s Thursday and you’ve not done any exercise yet so there’s no point in doing any now?  If it’s the 26th September and you’d promised yourself that once term had started you’d go for three runs a week and you’ve not managed one?  These are all very likely scenarios and by allowing ourselves to wait we’re basically training ourselves to ‘give –up’ which is obviously the reverse of what we need to do.   We need to start making the change now and now wait.

The ‘if not you, who?’ I feel is rife at the moment within the world of health and wellbeing – there’s a trend for experts right now.   If you’ve got a problem, google it, find an expert and go and get it fixed – whether that’s with you, your children, relationship or cooking skills.  Now there’s a time and a place for these people of course (I am one of those people!) but ‘you’ can solve so much of your own problems out without spending time and money on beautifully packaged up solutions.  Don’t wait for someone else, you make the change because you can 100% do it.

In summary the basic interpretation of the quote is – start now and you do it.  I just love the simplicity of it and how empowering it is to actually start now and make a change rather than waiting for someone else.   Whether that’s when you’re a length down in a final at  Henley Royal Regatta and you need to pull something special out of the bag right then and there (and yes we did do that, Thames Rowing Club 2005!) or you’ve started to leak a bit when you sneeze or run and know you need to do something about it.

Do it – do it now and take control back.  You’ve only got one body and it’s worth every bit of effort you can put into it.

And for those of you still struggling to get off the sofa – you’re not alone!

Thank You for reading

Baz x

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