The Pelvic Floor Dialogues | Online Workshop

The Pelvic Floor Dialogues | Online Workshop

The Pelvic Floor Dialogues with Baz and Guests | Online Workshop

Who’s it for: Any woman who wants to find out more about her pelvic floor (it’s not just for Mums!).

How much: £30

When: Unlimited access

Location: Online




The Pelvic Floor Dialogues is a series of recorded online workshops that will cover what every woman needs to know about her pelvic floor across the life stages (it’s not just for Mums!).

Helping women with their pelvic floor is my life’s work, and I want to provide the knowledge, experience and practical skills to educate and empower women about this amazing part of us.

What we cover

Here’s what we talk about in The Pelvic Floor Dialogues…

  • Session 1: The Pre and Post Natal Pelvic Floor with Baz – this is for any woman who is expecting a baby or has recently had one and wants to know how to do her pelvic floor exercises correctly, when to ask for help and what to expect, what to do if things don’t feel right, how to know what is normal and what isn’t normal, how to get back into being active and how to do an at home tummy check.
  • Session 2: The Active Pelvic Floor with Clare Pacey and Baz – this is for anyone who likes to move (be it running, cross fit, yoga, playing tennis) and has questions around leaking, prolapse, how to get back into exercise, how to exercise in a safe way and how to exercise hard if you have pelvic floor issues.
  • Session 3: Menopause and the Pelvic Floor with Christien Bird and Baz – this is a life stage which all women will go through at some point and a time when the pelvic floor can come into focus. Christien and I go through what all midlife women need to know about their pelvic floor, how to look after them, what works and what can be left on the shelf, and how to get the help that you need.

The series is £30 and you’ll have unlimited access.