The Start of Something New

So this is it – I’ve worked out what I’m meant to do, finally!   I’m going to train women to be Strong to their Core.  This blog explains more about why.

Most health wellness and fitness messages undermine women – despite being the centre piece of the world around us, we’re often made to feel inadequate by products and services telling us we’re not skinny enough, not disciplined enough, not smooth enough, not fit enough – the list goes on.  It’s obviously an effective marketing message and fuels the health, beauty, diet and fitness industries but doesn’t reflect how strong we are and need to be.

Strong to the Core is different – at the heart of the work I do is my firm belief that we must value and believe in ourselves if we’re going to make any meaningful and sustainable changes to our lives.  My areas of expertise are pelvic floor and core fitness in addition to the psychology of behaviour change.

There must be a strong foundation on which to build fitness and although the quick fix fitness market will work in the short term it ultimately only contributes to the all or nothing approach which so many have to their bodies.  It doesn’t work – health, fitness and nutrition is not something you ‘do’ in September, January and June – it’s life, you take it with the rough and the smooth and don’t fall off the wagon.

So a huge part of the work that I do is coaching you to bullet proof your health and fitness so that you can stay focussed and do something regardless of what life throws at you.

So please do come and join me as I build my tribe of women who are strong on the inside and out – either by liking my Facebook Page or signing up to my Newsletter.


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