Workout with Baz Online

Workout with Baz Online

Workout with Baz is a six week online programme that aims to help you build a fitter, stronger and resilient body that will last you a lifetime.

There are two levels; Foundation, which is aimed at women who are new to exercise or need to build their confidence, want a bit more help and support with their technique (e.g. how to squat, do a plan, lunge etc), or Classic, which is aimed at women who are already active. Both programmes focus on training between three to four times a week and allow you to be part of a supportive, non-judgemental community.

Because I know how easy it is to get into an exercise rut, the programmes remove all the possible barriers and include all the bits great exercise programmes need;


  • a 10 minute phone call with a member of Baz’s team to get you set up and discuss your specific needs and objectives.
  • 6 week Membership of a Private Facebook Group
  • a library of technical videos posted in the group to teach you how to do the basics brilliantly.
  • 2 x 10 minute Workouts emailed to you each week (hosted on FB)
  • Baz checking in with you – whether you like it or not!


  • 6 week Membership of a Private Facebook Group
  • 3 x 15 minute Workouts emailed to you each week (hosted on FB), including Circuits, HIT, Stretching, Core, 3 dimensional movement and functional fitness.
  • Access to Baz – who checks in on the group daily and is available if you have questions

In addition to the great content, Workout with Baz has been specifically designed to fit into your busy life, and allows you to train at a time and place that suits you – at home, in the park, while you travel – whatever works! Because it’s flexible, you can also stop and start the work-outs if you’ve got a million of other things going on, and the online support group means you can be as anonymous or as engaged with the programme as you wish.

Book Now – FOUNDATION – Begins April 16th – Six Weeks, £97

Book Now – CLASSIC – Begins April 16th – Six Weeks, £67









Here’s what people in Baz’s recent online challenge have been saying:

“Done…and so inspired I followed it up with a jog in the park!”

“Loving this Baz! Great warm up to start any exercise. Thanks for the inspiration.”

 “Am much slower than you on the walk outs, and find they puff me out, but I’m doing it and that’s the main thing. Feel energised after it”

“Done! Loving a bit of balance thrown in at the end – always so much harder with eyes closed!”

“Took some motivation after a sleep deprived night (sadly not due to raucous NY celebrations, but poorly kids). But done and feeling good for it!”

“Done. Not sure I’d have done it if I didn’t have to write done here. Accountability! Gah!”