Workout with Baz Online

Workout with Baz Online

Baz know’s how easy it is to get into an exercise rut and just find it hard to get and keep going – which is why she has removed all the possible barriers and included all the bits a great exercise programme needs, so there really is no excuse not to do this.

This programme has already started but you are very welcome to join us and you will have access to all the videos

The programme includes:

  • 3 new workouts a week – 15 minutes each so that you can easily do them separately or combine for a longer workout
  • Realtime videos – you just need to press play and do, no equipment or fancy kit needed, just access to facebook.
  • A private facebook group – where you will post daily when you have done your workout to keep you motivated
  • Access to Baz – You will be able to tap into Baz’s knowledge at any point you have questions about the programme, just ask her.
Book Now – Begins February 19th, Online – Six Weeks

Here are some of the excuses (reasons!) people often have for not exercising and here’s why the programme will work for you:

  1. No time – You can do this programme at home, on holiday, in the park, during a run it is such an efficient programme.
  2. I get bored easily – each week there will be new workouts posted that will progress and get harder so that you keep improving
  3. I always sign up to stuff and then never do it – this time you’ll have me supporting (nagging) you to do your workouts, I will be chasing people to make sure that you’re keeping on track
  4. I’ll look stupid – not with this programme, nobody can see what you’re doing
  5. Everyone will be better than me – there is absolutely no judgement in this programme and I won’t be asking for scores or anything.  I just want you to do the work.
  6. It’ll be too hard / easy – I will start off steady and also give lots of alternatives so everyone will be catered for in the group.

Here’s what people in Baz’s recent online challenge have been saying:

“Done…and so inspired I followed it up with a jog in the park!”

“Loving this Baz! Great warm up to start any exercise. Thanks for the inspiration.”

 “Am much slower than you on the walk outs, and find they puff me out, but I’m doing it and that’s the main thing. Feel energised after it”

“Done! Loving a bit of balance thrown in at the end – always so much harder with eyes closed!”

“Took some motivation after a sleep deprived night (sadly not due to raucous NY celebrations, but poorly kids). But done and feeling good for it!”

“Done. Not sure I’d have done it if I didn’t have to write done here. Accountability! Gah!”