My workshops are a great introduction to the work that I do and a fantastic way to learn more about your body in a relaxed and open environment.

I’m also happy to run bespoke / in house workshops for any and all groups, including corporate events, community groups, sports clubs, or women’s networks – if you’re interested or want to find out more, please email

This workshop is for women who are interested to find out more about their pelvic floor. It will be of relevance to every woman, at every life stage, not just Mums.

The talk will go far beyond squeeze and lift, and you will learn about how to get the pelvic floor to do it’s job properly – so that you can be healthy, active and fit. So that for years to come you’ve got a solid, strong and dependable body which does not let you down when you jump, laugh or sneeze!

There will be some practical at the end, (full on active wear is not required), so that you can walk out of the session knowing how to connect with your pelvic floor and co-ordinate it with the rest of your core.

Feedback from a recent workshop:
“Last night, I attended a truly brilliant pelvic floor workshop held by Baz Moffat Strong to the Core. The workshop was both theory and practical. Baz discussed things we knew, taught us things we didn’t and rightly pointed out how little these things are discussed. We talked about what was normal, what wasn’t and how many women simply put up with issues. And how this must stop before issues escalate such that medical intervention is inevitable. What were the main things I walked away with? Talk. Understand yourself. Learn to reconnect with yourself, particularly your inner core. Prevention is key, but it’s never too late. Investing in your health does not mean you’re selfish. Make time for yourself every day. Importantly, I learned about Women’s Health Physios which I knew nothing about. I will certainly be looking to see one, and following up with Baz on my core strength.”


Course details coming soon – WATCH THIS SPACE


Dr. Bella Smith and I have joined forces to present an ONLINE version of our popular workshop covering what every woman needs to know about this inevitable life stage. We are absolute experts in our fields and together provide the knowledge, experience and practical skills that every woman needs to be educated and empowered about the menopause.

During this eye-opening workshop you’ll learn:

  • What is the menopause and what are the initial symptoms? it’s not all about hot flushes and mood swings.
  • What can you do yourself in your 40’s to help?
  • What can the experts offer, who should you talk to and when?
  • What are the most important life style changes you can make right now?
  • What can you do about stress as a busy woman?
  • How do you reduce tummy weight and improve energy and sleep with your diet?
  • The facts about HRT
  • What exercise to do in your 40’s to help with the menopause

We will let you in on the most current research on this topic so that you leave educated, knowing what the options are and empowered to take action straight away and you’ll have lifetime access to the content.


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