Mind the Gap – Diastasis Recti with Clare & Baz

Tummy Gap or Diastasis Recti affects 60% of post natal women and there is so much that you can do, which is what this workshop is going to cover. Whether you had your baby six weeks or six years ago, it’s never too late and we’d love to help you unravel some of the myths and untruths about The Gap

Understandably a lot of women are very concerned about their Mummy Tummy and we will help you to learn what it is and what can be done about it! Over 75 minutes I’m going to talk with Clare Pacey, the highly experienced Women’s Health Phsyio,  As always there will be lots of theory, practical and interaction and we will make sure that you know what you can do to help yourself and if you need to get outside help and support where to go and what to ask for.

July 12th – Facebook Live Workshop – £15

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