You Can’t Outsource your Pelvic Floor

mum-network-jpgWe are tremendous co-ordinators and organisers and we spend most of our time making sure that everyone is in the right place, with the right kit, at the right time.  A huge task. Therefore when it comes to stopping, connecting and thinking about our own bodies there can be resistance -as there is a mind-set whereby you’re always looking for a quicker way to do something and even better someone else to do it for you.

Unfortunately this approach doesn’t work when it comes to the pelvic floor or our bodies– it’s ours and it responds to what we do to it.  If we sit down all day it will be world class at that, if we’re always on the go multi-tasking that’s what we become brilliant at, if we’re always snacking that’s what our bodies will adapt to.  Which is why when we take on something new like pelvic floor exercises it’s hard because our bodies, minds and lives are not set up to do them.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot and have come up with what I think are three main reasons as to why they’re so low on our priority list.  In the hope that this encourages more of us to spread the word about the importance of pelvic floor exercises.

Firstly – Nobody tells us how important they are.  Apart from being asked nonchalantly by a GP or health visitor postnatally ‘are you doing your pelvic floor?’ nobody else ever asks you.  So why on earth would you think it’s important?  You’ll get more attention if there have been complications in child birth, but for the majority of women they are never asked and therefore quite rightly it’s not seen as important.

Secondly – we’re not taught how to do them, so even if we try we’re unlikely to notice much of a difference because we’re not doing them right and so give up. Why would you bother?

Lastly – They’re a bit boring and the world of fitness is going through a ‘badge of honour’ phase, with everyone (myself included) sharing their latest triumphs over adversity on facebook.  There’s not much to shout about with pelvic floor exercises as every woman needs to do them twice a day, every day for life….which you’re unlikely to share with the world  (The caveat here is that of course my exercises and courses are not boring! We go far beyond squeeze and lift, but I understand why the basic daily lifts can become repetitive).

I feel that this blog may well have dragged you down?  That’s not the purpose – I want to explore more the reasons behind the resistance to doing an exercise twice a day which takes as long as cleaning our teeth.  Twice a day every day we clean our teeth in the belief that this will prevent them from falling out – but even if they do, we can still get false ones.  But as my mentor and Pelvic Floor Fitness Guru, Jenny Burrell says – “You’ve only got one pelvic floor and it’s not replaceable” so do your b****y exercises!

One of the aims of Strong to the Core is to build a tribe of women who are strong from the inside out and this has to start with us all doing our daily exercises – so please do share this blog and start to spread the word to the women you care about around you.


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