Are you beach body ready?

Are you beach body ready?

Three years ago, we were all up in arms about a certain campaign asking if we were beach body ready. 70,000 of us signed a petition to get the advert banned and were successful. Banning the advert hasn’t changed our actions though; as the summer approaches there is a lot of chat in gyms, parks, magazines and on social media about getting beach body ready. Which essentially means being a 20-year-old bikini clad, size 8!

As you can imagine this is not what being beach body ready means to me. To me, it means having a body and mind that enjoys a day at the beach with friends and family.

My body will need to load up a car full of food, toys, clothes, bikes, tents, surf boards ready for whatever the day has in store. I’ll then be on the beach, paddling, flying kites, building sand castles, hopefully going for a swim myself, walking back and forth (and back and forth) to the toilet block, acting as chief negotiator and tidying everything up. To achieve all of these activities, I’ll need bucketfuls of strength, endurance and energy. And this type of ‘fitness’ takes a while to build up.

There’s another type of woman that I spot on the beach who I also think could benefit from doing some training – the bag watcher!

We all know them and I imagine some people love the peace and simplicity involved with looking after stuff. But I bet there’s a significant number of women who watch the bags, hold spots, or generally don’t take part because they just don’t have the confidence to join in and are embarrassed about their body or think they don’t have the stamina.

My mission for June is to get us all beach body ready whatever that means to you – for the glorified bag ladies, the paddle boarders, surfers and kite flyers and those who want to look good in a bikini. Now is the time to take action and do some training.

If you want to build your confidence, strength and endurance from a lowish base – I would recommend my Workout with Baz Foundation Programme. Which is a 6-week programme, with super short technically focused workouts where you get to ask me as many questions as you need. This is going to be discounted to £72.75 each if you sign up with a friend before May 21st (usual price is £97)

For those of you looking to take it a step further, join the Workout with Baz Classic Programme. I promise that if you work out with me regularly you will be beach ready. This is going to be discounted to £50.25 each for two people who sign up together before May 21st (usual price is £67 each).

All my workouts are specifically designed for super busy women who just don’t have the time to get to a class. They’re short, can be done anywhere and require no equipment, but most importantly they work! If you want to check out some of my workouts then please do take a look at my YouTube Channel where you can get an idea of the stuff you’ll be doing.

Some of my recent feedback:

“Baz Moffat is amazing. It’s great to feel so much better with her exercises. She really knows her stuff. She’s so honest and down to earth and helpful. You’re going to do great and in no time feel so much stronger, fitter, healthier and physically looking and feeling better.”

“Thank you so much Baz it’s been great. I’m well and truly back in the groove of training again.”

“Worth every penny and more! Baz’s holistic approach to health and fitness is truly inspiring, totally different to the all or nothing, whistle blowing workouts that I tried and failed at after my first baby.”








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