Professional Testimonials

Professional Testimonials

“Baz is my go to person for all of my patients experiencing pelvic floor issues, which are sadly incredibly common in women of all ages. Exercise is a vital element of treatment – but it has to be the correct exercise! Baz is not only an expert in this field, but her understanding, drive and kindness takes away any embarrassment and makes the whole process enjoyable. Every patient I have referred to Baz has experienced excellent results – I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Justine Hankin | BSc(Hons)Ac, Clin Ac(Nanjing), Dip Ac, MBAcC |The Fulham Medical Centre

‘It is a joy to work with Baz, who is knowledgeable, experienced  and  extremely passionate about women’s health. Working together has provided us with a full holistic approach to educating women about their health and the menopause. “

Dr Bella Smith | The Digital GP | MBBS BMedSci MRCP MRCGP DFSRH

“Baz is a leader and connector in the women’s health movement.  I have collaborated with Baz for workshops and in supporting clients in their healing journey and it’s been an absolute honor and pleasure to do so.  Baz is steadfast in her advocacy and support for women’s health and each of her clients.  This, combined with expertise in pelvic health and athletics is a powerful combination for creating consistent, often life-changing, results for them.”

 Vivian Lord | ND, Naturopathic Physician (UK/US/Canada) | Restore Your Natural Vitality

“As a Specialist Women’s Health Physio I can’t recommend Baz’s brilliant approach and courses enough. I frequently refer patients to her for ongoing rehab or further pelvic floor and whole body training either alongside or after they have completed their course of physio with me. Her results speak for themselves and what’s more she makes it fun!

Whether you are struggling with leaking urine, have been diagnosed with a prolapse or things just don’t feel like they did before, this the trainer for you. Having completed 3 of her different courses myself, I can personally vouch that Baz’s straight-talking and enjoyable approach cleverly helps you reconnect with your core and pelvic floor and covers everything from nutrition and bowel health to prioritising your well-being in this busy world.”

Camilla Lawrence | MCSP MHCPC MPOGP |Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Team Lead |Six Physio

“As specialists women’s health physio’s we often keep some very important pelvic health messages in the treatment room. Baz has changed all of that for us, I can’t highlight  the importance and the benefit for our women’s health patients enough now we can refer to a fitness professional that truly is committed to women’s health, is specialist, nurturing and teaches with compassion to achieve fitness on all levels. Real fitness as in body confidence, physical fitness, as well as overall wellbeing, we are lucky to have Baz working so closely to us, recommend it to all women with a pelvic floor.”

Christien Bird | Women’s Health Physio & Practice Owner | White Hart Clinic

“Being acquainted with Baz was not only eye opening, inspiring and thought provoking but it provided a team of experienced and well educated trainers with more knowledge and information about women’s health and the pelvic floor muscles in a two hour workshop than in their individual 10 plus years in the wellbeing industry. Baz’s spark for delivering, what is long overdue for women all over the world, is not only a necessity in so many industries, it is life changing for all women, everywhere.”

Saffee Dineed for Louise Parker | Client Services Consultant | Harrods

“Baz is a fantastic trainer and her in depth knowledge of the woman’s body through different stages (pregnancy, post natal and around menopause) means we can share our management of a lot of our patients to achieve better results. Baz takes great care to manage every woman with a specialised and individual approach to help them achieve their desired results. We love sharing patients with Baz as there is only so much we can do in our physiotherapy rooms, so Baz can help take our patients to that next level up from rehab and beyond. We only get fantastic feedback from our patients who have worked with Baz in either a group or private/semi-private setting.”

Sophie Vohralik | Women’s Health Physio | White Hart Clinic, London