Strong with Baz | Online

Strong with Baz | Online

Every Woman Programme

NEW: Strong with Baz | Online Class

Who’s it for: Women who want to train well, get results but not get broken!

Course length: Access until August 2020


Where: Online course, workout anywhere

How much: £99


This is an online course designed to create strong, resilient women who are now stuck at home for whatever reason! It’s the result of years of sport, coaching and studying, which has helped me understand what women really need in a workout.

This is what I now know: we need intensity, but not too much. We need to move brilliantly – without pain for sure, but even more than that; exercise should feel good, really good. We need to breathe – for our pelvic health and general well being. We need to do new and challenging things. We need to do impact and weight bearing exercises. We need to belong. We need short and efficient workouts which can be done anywhere.

All of this has resulted in a new workout programme which is designed to cover all areas of your ‘exercise’ week from the intense stuff to the much needed lie down. I can’t wait to get started with you!

Who will benefit

  • Any women who want to get fitter and stronger.
  • Women who would describe themselves as being active, not a beginner.
  • Those who would like to work out two to four times per week for 15-30 mins.
  • Women who don’t have access to traditional exercise classes or trainers and who are looking for something more flexible that they can utilise in the long term.
  • Women who are juggling hectic work and home lives and have little time to get out and so need something more accessible.
  • Those who don’t have childcare cover and who will benefit from the flexibility of an online programme which can be completed in their own home.

How it works

This is a completely flexible programme, perfect for busy women who are juggling the demands of home life and work. Workouts can be done anywhere, at any time and with no equipment required. You’ll just need a laptop, tablet or smart phone to access the online programme.

The results

By committing yourself to working through this programme with me you’ll see real results with an improved level of fitness and stronger core.

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